Deli Pal™ Stainless Steel Narrow-Aisle Commercial Deli Slicer Tables and Industrial Deli Slicer Stands from the manufacturers of Deli Buddy®

Deli Pal™ stationary stainless steel workstations are ideal for fresh sliced deli service in delis, superettes, cafeterias, cafés and bistros with small or narrow aisles (less than 5′ clear space between deli case and wall or cabinet).

Deli Pal Specs

Showing our Heavy Duty Type 304 Stainless Steel Height Adjustable Feet


  • Saddle Bag Style Poly Deli Holder
  • Lock-On Tissue/Glove Box Holder
    Adjustable for Glove Box Thickness & Width
  • Available with Interface Equipment® Options
Showing the Deli Pal with optional parts

Designed for use with an Automatic Slicer
NOT suitable for Face to Face® applications (see Deli Buddy®)
NOT suitable for Face Forward® applications (see Deli Pro®)

Weighs 85-100 lbs more than a similar size conventional table
Counter-Weighted Base with Low Center of Gravity
Friction Padded Feet